The High Sheriff s Dinner

The Norfolk Club in Norwich hosted a dinner to celebrate Sarah Leicester s successful year as High Sheriff of Norfolk, which I attended last week.  The history and tradition of this office goes back hundreds of years.  It is an honorary position, yet entails a huge commitment from the High Sheriff, in terms of public service as well as traditional roles .  Lady Leicester gave a wonderful speech, she is a very good looking woman who  oozes real charm and intelligence from every pore.  I imagine that she really enjoyed her year, and will be followed by another able woman Lady Dannat.  I sat for part of the evening next to a splendid cleric, he was not called Friar Tuck but he did enjoy the very good dinner and looking magnificent in his scarlet robes ( which means the Queen has made him a member of the Royal collection of priests ).  On my other side was my father s 91 year old cousin, so a very happy evening.

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