Reversing my trailer

Do you have days like mine.  We were in good time for a dressage competition at Keysoe, but my “sat nav” took me down a dead end lane !  So I had to reverse my trailer over 20o yards.  And I did not see this poor man s lovely garden urn, which was not so lovely after I had reversed into it. I just did not see it.  A very expensive mistake, poor man was cross and then very sad, I think he loved his garden urn.  So we arrived at Keysoe, practiced the dressage test and then entered the dressage arena.  Only to be stopped by the judge after a few moments as we had been given the wrong test to learn, and so we were doing the wrong test.  (  my daughter was riding not me, I was the “caller”).   Poor little poppet who was absolutely calm had 10 seconds to learn a new test and perform it.  Well she did really well, we came nearly last of course, but we did laugh!

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