Order of the Garter

The Monday of Ascot week  (16 June 2014)  is the day HM The Queen attends the service of the Order of the Garter held at St George s Chapel Windsor.

The Knights of the Order of the Garter process though Windsor Castle up the hill to the Chapel, dressed in their long velvet robes, with berets with ostrich plumes, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh lead this band of Knights, into the Chapel of St George for the annual service.

The Order was founded by Edward III, and descendents of the Knights of the Order of the Garter can attend the service or have a seat on the stand outside which gives you a wonderful view of the procession.

So I was hoping that my great grandfather Bishop Fisher who was Chancellor of the Order would enable me to join as a descendent.  But I have found out that clergymen cannot be Knights.  So my brother Charles dug out the family tree and pointed out that we are descended from 3 sons of Edward 111, namely John of Gaunt, Lionel of Antwerp and Thomas Woodstock.  So it was agreed that I could be a confirmed descendent of Lionel of Antwerp who was KG No 35 !  The first “fixed ” stall that had  a plate name in my family lineage is the stall plate for Henry 4th Earl of Northumberland KG No 213 .  Bishop Fisher is buried in the South Nave Aisle !  So when I go in June I will have a good look for the Bishop and the Earl.


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