London Lady and English Gentleman

We are very excited to offer you a Manners And Etiquette Course in London at a very special private members club, the Landsowne Club in central London.

The course is specifically designed to suit both ladies and gentlemen, and is being held on the 9 July and the 25 Septmber 2014.

We aim to show you exactly how to meet and greet people in all types of situations, how to address people and how to use your body language effectively when communicating with people.

We will also give you tips and techniques about the correct way to dress, accessorise and groom yourself.  And you’ll learn the important art of replying to invitations, the use of correct language and titles, as well as how to get a grip on social media.

More than that, we’ll also offer you a special afternoon of practical advice by interacting with real life situations, such as with hotel staff, retail staff and others.

A morning of tuition, followed by a 3 course lunch at the club, an afternoon to put what you have learnt into practice , followed by “afternoon tea” at either Brown’s Hotel or Fortnum and Mason, and then a well deserved glass of wine back at the club at the end of the day.

For more information please look at  Or call me on +44 (0)7769 687 599+44 (0)7769 687 599

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