Less is more

Manners are no longer anything to do with whether you are rich, had a private education or grew up in a certain social milieu .  Today people are much more likely to define themselves by their work, their interests as well as their background and social class.  Learning the basics of good manners can make you feel far more confident in different social situations and leave you feeling less awkward and emabarrassed.  It is also important to put others at their ease, to show natural human concern for them in a way that you could call ” natural politeness” .  A good starting point is to learn the “rules of formal etiquette”, so that when you are in an unusual and formal situation, it is very useful to know about the manners required for that situation.    A basic guideline to follow is “less is more” , meaning that stiff and rigid manners  are of less use to you in social and business situations, whilst more charm, poise, and natural consideration for others  will be of far greater value.  More Than Good Manners are delighted to offer a one day course to clients who wish to learn manners and etiquette that will carry them through any modern day dilemma.

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