June 2014 Newsletter

June in the UK is awash with social events requiring both manners and etiquette!



Up and coming in July and September are two fantastic courses for Manners and Etiquette.  If you know a group of visitors coming to London who would like to find out more about English Society, how to handle themselves in any situation, meeting and greeting people, or just need to know how to dress correctly for certain situations, then this course definitely fits the bill. For more information on this course, please do contact us.


Royal Ascot

If ever there was a chance for the women to dress up in smart clothes and splendid hats and the men to don their morning coats and top hats, then Royal Ascot is that occasion.  With the chance to see many of the Royal Family arrive in open-topped carriages across Windsor Park, entering the racecourse by the Golden Gates, this is one of Britain’s great social events of the year.

If you would like a tour of one of the great Royal Palaces, then Windsor Castle is the place to come to.  Just down the road from Ascot racecourse, we can organise a tour of some of the royal residences including this one.


Queen’s and Wimbledon Tennis Tournaments

The tennis at Queen’s Club in London is the forerunner for Wimbledon and is a week full of excitements, pimms and strawberries and get up close and personal to many of the players, as the surroundings are on an intimate scale.  Queen’s is closely followed by the greatest tennis tournament in the world, played on the hallowed turf of Wimbledon.   Don’t forget that we can organise tickets and arrange a bespoke tour for you around these events in the future.


Trooping the Colour

This is about as British as you can get and it is the British Army performing ceremonial duties at their best.   A tradition that’s been going since the 17th century, it’s a truly magnificent sight, not a soldier out of step and Her Majesty The Queen standing on, inspecting her troops.  More Than Good Manners will arrange the day for you and guide you through all the Royal and Historical events of the day.  You can find out more on Trooping the Colour here.


Sandringham Flower Show

And while we are on the subject of the Royal Family, then why not let us organise a trip for you to stay in Norfolk which is where Sandringham House is located, one of the Queen’s royal residences.  The Sandringham Flower Show, held this year on 30th July, is one of the most prestigious horticultural events in the East of England and many of the region’s leading nurseries and horticultural specialists exhibit here.  To find out more about bespoke tours, please do contact us.


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