How Rude. Modern Manners Defined.

There is a rather good article in todays Sunday Telegraph promoting a new book by John Humphrys about modern manners, or lack of them. Mr Humphrys argues why politeness still matters ( and I agree) and Mr Humphrys does not like being called John by strangers .  In his view ” society has succumbed  to the strange affliction of emotional incontinence…blubbing has become compulsory  ” Restraint tends to be jeered at. The still upper lip is derided”  .  The phrase that I dislike the most is ” I was gutted”. What does this mean, that you are a fish without guts ? or just another failed contestant from X factor with little ability to express themselves other than by  crying or comparing themselves to a fish without guts.  I think it might be worth reading Mr Humphrys’ book, out on Tuesday and published by Waitrose.

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