Hosting a Lovely Lady

I was very privileged this week to host a lovely American lady who had flown in with her husband for the opening ceremony of the Olympics. We spent the afternoon on a ” walking tour”, down Regent Street, on to Fortnum and Masons, a quick look at an impressionist exhibition at The Royal Academy, then on to look at the dazzling jewels in Burlington Arcade. I am particularly fond of Johnson and Walker, with its 18th century wood panelling. St James’ s Street is a haven of historic shops. We were given a warm welcome by Simon Berry in Berry Brothers, and were fascinated my the craftsman in Lobbs making “lasts”. The O Shea Gallery offers a wonderful range of Annie Tempest’s work, originals and prints, the humour of Lord and Lady Tottering appeals to all nationalities. We had such a fascinating time that we had to hurry back to the hotel by taxi, as we had walked quite a long way on the most beautiful hot day.

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