April 2014 Newsletter

Just out, my newsletter for April 2014.

April 2014 Newsletter

April has arrived quickly and the English Social Season is now in full swing.  As the weather is getting slightly warmer, so we have the water events.  There are various highlights in the social calendar, and the one that really gets everybody excited is the Boat Race which is on 6th April, followed by Henley Royal Regatta and other Regattas in July and on to the extremely social event of Cowes Week on the Isle of Wight in August.  To be part of any of these, do please contact us.


The Boat Race

April 6th is our annual Oxford vs Cambridge boat race. This is a thrilling spectacle and one to definitely come along to and watch if you’re in London.   Grabbing a place besides the river to watch this hard fought and very tough 6.8km mile race between the two oldest and illustrious universities in the UK is an exciting chance to be amongst a great crowd on the banks of the River Thames.   This wonderful event draws in over a quarter of a million spectators, something not to be missed.

And if you can’t get to that, then you can always get tickets to the rowing social event of the year, Henley Royal Regatta, another exhibition of rowing at the highest standards.   Do get in touch with us for more information on bespoke tours we can arrange for you.

For more information about the Boat Race and Henley Royal Regatta, why not take a look here.


Royal Residence Tours

We are very lucky in the United Kingdom to have the Royal Family.  For most travellers to the UK, visiting a Royal Residence is top of their list, and I can understand why.  We arrange bespoke tours of Royal Residences to fit in with the traveller.  We could include Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace, Holyrood House in Scotland, Sandringham in Norfolk and a few others as well.  We tailor our tours to fit your requirements.  Feel free to speak to us about any of the Royal Residence Tours that we can help you with.


Stately Home Accommodation

England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales have a plethora of grand stately homes, Old Rectories and historical houses.  Base yourself somewhere in the United Kingdom and let us help you arrange your stay in one or two or three of these wonderful houses and organise a tour around your base.  It’s exciting to think that you can stay in houses with history, glamour and splendour, rather than a hotel room that looks the same the world over.  Here is an example of one Castle in England.


Manners and Etiquette Course

Finally, we have our new course which we are very excited about.  This is titled “The London Lady and English Gentleman Course”.  Learning the correct manners and etiquette these days is vitally important in all walks of life, and here, on this one day course in London, you’ll learn all you need to know about how to act and behave in the right social occasions.  Click here to book your course.

I hope you have an enjoyable April, and please don’t forget to call us for any of the above that we can help you with.  Courses on Manners, and bespoke tours and travel accommodation are our forte.


Veronica Levett-Scrivener

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